Wild Bird Shooting in Wales

Slebech Estate is situated about ten miles this side of Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Extending to approximately 5,000 acres it contains not only the Cleddau Estuary which runs up past Pembroke, but also the Slebech Forest which is the largest block of mixed woodland in Pembrokeshire. It is regarded as one of the best woodcock shoots in the Country and there are few if any others that can produce such consistent bags over a number of days. There is a full time woodcock keeper, John Webb, who has been there for several years and is extremely experienced. Every year there are various chances at right and lefts, the holy grail for keen woodcock shots, and usually one or two successes.

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The emphasis is entirely on wild birds. Pembrokeshire is renowned for holding large numbers of migrating woodcock, snipe and wildfowl. We have enough shooting for well over a twenty different days without covering the same ground and tend to shoot a maximum of eight guns, although a party of six is quite adequate.  It is mostly driven with beaters using spaniels, although there are usually two or so walking guns each drive. We try and provide evening flighting on the teal ponds or for woodcock, weather permitting.  Whilst it is hard to guarantee a bag as the the quarry is wild, it would not be uncommon for a good team of shots at achieve a bag of over a hundred head of mixed game. Sixteen different species in a day is the record. It is very well organised and we do our utmost to provide enjoyable sport for all parties, most of whom return year after year.

Accommodation is provided at Abercothi House which is a delightful eight bedroomed lodge based on the banks of the river Towy. It is done up to the highest degree. Please see website www.abercothi.co.uk for full details of the accommodation.  Virtually all bedrooms are en suite. It takes about 3 hours from London. Dogs are most welcome (but not in the house) and can stay in the gunroom or there are some outside kennels. There is an excellent house-keeper and we would normally provide all the catering for any party.