Trout Fishing at West Wycombe Park

The trout fishery at West Wycombe is set in one of the Country’s most stunning 18th Century English landscapes. It is overlooked by the main house, West Wycombe Park, a stunning Palladian Villa, and the grounds contain many delightful temples, bridges and other features.  The fishable water consists of the main lake which extends to some six acres, out of which flows the River Wye, a delightful stretch of chalkstream. This carries on through the Park. There are also various carriers which help the whole system form the shape of a swan along the lines of the original garden design.

West Wycombe Boathouse and Music Temple The main chalk stream is the River Wye (Wye – combe) which gives Wycombe its name, and this runs out from the lake over the Cascade and extends to some half a mile below. The fishery leads down this river, all double bank, to Sawmill House, where it ends at Sawmill Pond. This represents the ‘head’ of the swan referred to above. There are also two small feeder streams above the Lake and one short section by the Park wall.

The water is usually gin clear which makes the fishing extremely exciting.  Whether on the Lake or the river this often enables one to spot and stalk individual fish and watch them actually take one’s fly. However, they also spook very easily too. The Lake averages around three to four feet deep, although it does go down to about eight feet in places.

The whole riverine basin is full of wildlife, both in and around the river. The water itself is abundant in insect and other life, and the weeds holds abundant snail and natural shrimp. Red kites are regularly to be seen very close by as they wheel around you and we have he usual swans, ducks and other aquatic birds you would expect to see.

The water is well stocked with brown and rainbow trout.  The average size is usually about 2lbs and they have run to about 7lbs. although the odd larger fish has been caught.  The brown trout tend to spawn and breed reasonably well, and all fish grow incredibly quickly in this idyllic location.

The fishing season starts on 1st April and end on 30th.  September. The fishing is fly only, and we encourage the use of nymphs and dry flies.  It is mostly from the banks and there is no need to wade. There are two well appointed boats for use on the lake should anyone wish. All brown trout must be returned and whilst we try and operate a full catch and release policy, we do permit each rod to take up to two rainbow trout per day for the table if they desire. No more than one fish over 6lbs may be kept per season.

Dogs are most welcome as long as under control. The Grounds here are open to the Public during the summer. However, this is only afternoons from 2 – 6pm and not on Fridays and Saturdays, and not at all in September.  If rods wish to fish during this period and they are disturbed  they can of course use a boat and/or fish on those parts of the river where the Public are not allowed. It has never been any issue in the past.

Prices :

The  cost of a rod is £1300 inc. VAT for a rod on two named days per week. Alternatively there is a one named day per week rod at £900 inc VAT.  In addition there is a one off non-returnable joining fee of £250 inc. VAT for new members.

Once rods join we offer them a rod the following season on the same days they have had previously. Other than to existing members rods are usually allocated on a first come first served basis.  The season runs from 1st April to 30th September.

There are currently rods available please contact the estate office for further information. 01494 524411 or

Guests are welcome and must be accompanied. They can either share the rod or if both parties wish to fish there is a guest cost of £100 inc VAT per day.